Consultation on a Proposal to Mothball Blackness Primary School

Closes 12 Dec 2022

Opened 11 Nov 2022


On 8th November 2022 Education, Children and Young People Executive agreed to consult on a proposal to mothball Blackness Primary School from August 2023.

The school roll at Blackness Primary School has fallen to very low levels this session. Children's Services will consider "mothballing" for any primary school where the number of catchment pupils on the school roll is 10 or less (it is currently 4), and this is now what has been proposed.

Mothballing is a process for temporary closure when the school roll falls to very low levels.  In these circumstances, the Authority and/or community may consider that the school is not currently viable, but do not wish to close it immediately because there is the prospect that pupil demand will increase in the future. Pupil demand will be reviewed at least annually for the mothballed school to determine whether the school re-opens or not.

The purpose of this consultation is to gather the views of those who would be immediately affected by a temporary closure and report back to the Education, Children and Young People Executive in early 2023 before a final decision is taken. 

We are consulting all parents and carers of pre-school and primary age pupils living in the Blackness Primary School catchment area and of other pupils currently enrolled at the school. The Parent Council, pupils and staff will also be consulted.

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