Consultation on a proposal to permanently close Limerigg Primary School

Closed 2 Apr 2021

Opened 8 Feb 2021


During school session 2018/2019, following a consultation with affected parents and the school community, it was agreed that Limerigg Primary School would be mothballed, subject to an annual review of demand for pupil places, and that Slamannan Primary School would become the proxy catchment school for the area.

Two years on, the primary age population in the Limerigg Primary School Catchment area has not changed, with the prospect of declining numbers over the coming 5 years. For this reason, it is now proposed that the school is permanently closed.

The school has been "mothballed" since August 2019 and there are no plans to re-open it to pupils in the near future. It is now proposed that the school is closed permanently.

Why we are consulting

Before any final decision can be taken on a permanent school closure proposal a formal consultation is required in accordance with the Schools (Consultation) (Scotland) Act 2010. 

In accordance with the legislation, we are seeking the views of all interested parties that would be affected by the permanent closure of Limerigg Primary School.

A copy of the Proposal Document can be found at the bottom of this page.

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What happens next

Education Scotland will receive details of consultation responses and the public meeting and will provide Children’s Services with a report after the consultation. 

Children’s Services will then prepare a consultation report which will be published on the council website.  All respondents to this consultation will be notified when it is available.

The consultation report will be discussed by councillors at the Education, Children and Young People Executive later in the year where they will decide on the matter.


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