Mental Health and Employability Project

Closed 30 Jun 2021

Opened 5 May 2021


Getting a job is an important step for young people. Whether it is a part time job whilst you are still at school or a career a little later on, a job is likely to be a big part of your life. 

We are interested in young people's thoughts and feelings about jobs and employability. In particular, we want to understand how your mental health or wellbeing might affect your ability to look for a job, apply and carry out a job.

This is an important issue and something that we hope to be able to support young people with in the future. 

Why are we consulting?

To provide better support in the future we need to understand the issues, so we are looking for your help. For us to do this, we need young people to work with us on this project to:

  • reflect on their own and others Mental Health and Employability issues;
  • collect information about the Mental Health and Employability experiences of young people;
  • analyse the information collected;
  • recommend actions to improve services;
  • present recommendations to other young people and stakeholders; and
  • influence the design of Mental Health and Employability services to make them more effective in supporting young people.

If you decide to get involved in this project we will ensure that you:

  • connect with other people and have new experiences;
  • take an active role in the work;
  • learn new skills and knowledge;
  • notice the things that need to change; and
  • give something back by making things better.

If you participate within this project, we will support you to access accreditation, rewards, incentives and loads of fun. 

For further information on how the information you provide will be used, please read our privacy notice.

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What happens next

Once the registration closes on Wednesday 2nd June, Falkirk Council will contact you directly to discuss you involvement in the project.


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