Relocation of Mariner Support Service

Closed 6 Oct 2017

Opened 22 Aug 2017


In February 2016, Children's Services bought the former Focus School in Laurieston, primarily for the purpose of relocating the Mariner Support Service from Weedingshall in Polmont.

In August 2016, the Mariner Support Service was moved from Weedingshall to this new site, that is now called the Laurieston Campus.

This move was agreed by the Council’s Education Executive to be on a temporary basis pending a formal statutory consultation on the matter. The Schools (Consultation) (Scotland) Act 2010 requires that such a statutory consultation is undertaken for any proposal to relocate a school.

It is proposed that the Mariner Support Service should permanently relocate to its current base at the Laurieston Campus.

The proposal is for the current arrangements to be made permanent and that there are no changes proposed that would affect pupils, their families or staff.

The permanent relocation will ensure that:

  • the Laurieston Campus can continue to be developed to meet the needs of the Mariner Support Service
  • the former site at Weedingshall in Polmont can be formally declared surplus to requirements


Consultation Report

A report of the consultation can be read below. This report will be discussed at the Education Executive on 23rd January 2018 with a recommendation to permanently relocate the Mariner Support Service to the Laurieston Campus.


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