Proposal to Amend School Term Dates to Include a 2 week October Break

Closed 6 Jan 2020

Opened 25 Nov 2019


This consultation was sent to parents, pupils, employees and parent councils privately.

School term dates are set annually based on an agreement between Clackmannanshire, Falkirk and Stirling Councils. The current agreement for school term dates is as follows:

  • Autumn term: Starts on the Monday of the third full week in August*
  • October holiday: Week starts on the Monday of the second full week in October*
  • Christmas holiday: Two full weeks to include two public holidays on 1st and 2nd January
  • Easter holiday: Starts the first Monday in April, for two weeks, regardless of when Easter weekend falls.

The proposal is that:

  • The new school year/term would start on the second full week in August rather than the third full week.
  • The October holiday would start on the Monday of the first full week* in October and would last for two weeks.

*Please note: a full week is a week that commences on a Sunday

If approved, the proposal would be implemented from August 2022.

Why your views matter

Over the years, many parents have suggested that the current summer holiday break (traditionally 7 weeks) is too long. Several Councils in Scotland have already shortened the summer holiday break to 6 weeks. Shortening the summer holiday break will help to address food poverty related matters arising from children not benefiting from free school meals during the current summer holiday period. National research shows that a longer summer break affects pupils' learning. Therefore, reducing this period will support learning and teaching.

This consultation will be open to pupils, parents, parent councils and school based staff to participate in.

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What happens next

Falkirk, Clackmannanshire and Stirling Councils are undertaking this consultation with the findings being presented to our respective Committees/Executives early in 2020.

This proposal, if approved, would be implemented from the school year 2022/23 (ie from August 2022).


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