New Employee Benefit - Car Leasing

Closed 18 Oct 2019

Opened 19 Sep 2019


We are continually looking to develop and improve the benefits we can offer to our employees.

Consideration is being given to the introduction of a car leasing scheme and we wanted to gauge interest from employees in this type of scheme.

Car leasing providers gain discounts for lease cars, especially for public sector employees, and these discounts can be passed onto you as an employee

There is an option to introduce car leasing as a salary sacrifice scheme (this means that the payment would be deducted from your salary prior to Tax and National Insurance). Any personal tax implications would be dependent upon which scheme we choose if we do introduce car leasing.

Leasing a car may impact on your tax code, with a P11D being required.(This is a tax form completed by Falkirk Council and sent to the Tax Office to report benefits provided to the employee).

Examples of costs over 36 months:

Ford Focus Hatch 5Dr 2.0TDCi 150 DPF SS EU6 Titanium 6Spd £23,740

£354.32 per month salary sacrifice

Toyota Aygo Hatch 3Dr 1.0VVTi 68x £8,790

£193.80 per month salary sacrifice

These costs are a fully inclusive payment that includes:

  • Maintenance
  • Servicing
  • Tyres
  • European breakdown and recovery
  • Annual Road fund licence
  • Fully comprehensive insurance
  • Accident management service

We are seeking your views on this new benefit and would appreciate if you could take some time to complete this survey.

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