Employee Engagement Survey 2019

Closed 25 Oct 2019

Opened 23 Aug 2019


As a council we deliver a wide range of essential services to tens of thousands of people every day, but we could not do that without your dedication, energy and expertise.

Whether you work in the back office or on the frontline, your contribution ensures our communities and citizens are able to access the support and advice they need to thrive. Simply put, we could not provide the services we do without you.

In May, we launched our business plan which sets out our objectives and ambitions for the next five years and provides us with direction through challenging times.

A lot of hard work is currently underway to realise our goals as we move to become the Council of the Future, but for the plan to truly succeed we need to ensure that you feel supported, empowered and valued in the work you do.

You also need to feel engaged and involved in our programme of change and feel able to air your ideas for improvement, as you see day-to-day what is working and what isn't.

That is why this survey is important. By taking 10 minutes to fill out your answers it will help us gauge how you feel - and what is important to you - as well as measure progress made since the first survey in 2017.

The survey is anonymous and we hope this gives you the confidence to be open, honest and direct, as only by knowing what we are doing right and where we are falling short can we improve.

An action plan based on your answers will then be produced. This will help us create the conditions and working environments in which you feel encouraged, empowered and trusted to do your job.

Only by doing that can we retain and grow your skills through this period of change and inspire and, we hope, motivate you to continue to help us provide vital services, particularly to those most in need.

As with the survey two years ago, the Council will donate £1 to Strathcarron Hospice for every questionnaire submitted.

We all have a role to play in helping to shape our workplace and we hope you take this opportunity to provide your views.

Thank you.

Kenneth Lawrie

Chief Executive

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