Kinneil Walled Garden Masterplan

Closes 2 Dec 2019


The Council Nursery at Kinneil has now closed so we need to come up with a sustainable solution for the site’s future. This needs to be a joint vision to give the site the best chance of success for everyone – residents, visitors and local interest groups and organisations.

On Wednesday 5th June 2019, groups, organisations and individuals most directly affected by decisions made about Kinneil Walled Garden met to look at options for the site.

The ideas in this consultation are based on the conversations we had with this group.

Related Information - some important things to consider

Council Policy

The Local Development Plan (LDP) guides future development in the Council area. It has detailed policies and proposals for where development should and should not take place. There are a few proposals within the LDP relating to how Kinneil Walled Garden might be used in the future:

  • Opportunity for tourism-related business within Kinneil Walled Garden
  • Green network opportunities

Green network opportunties include using the site for:

  • Community growing
  • As part of an Antonine Wall trail
  • Carrying out wider estate enhancements with clear links to the Kinneil Estate Masterplan
  • The John Muir Way Long Distance Path (Dunbar to Helensburgh) goes right past the walled garden

Following public consultation, Falkirk Council has now approved the first “Dig In”: Community Food Growing Strategy

Kinneil Walled Garden is already used for community growing and is adjacent to an existing heritage orchard.  Kinneil Walled Garden itself is identified as a potential allotment site in the Community Food Growing Strategy.

Other things we need to consider:

There are several constraints to development at Kinneil Walled Garden. The potential impact on these must be carefully considered when deciding the site’s long-term future. These include:

  • Antonine Wall World Heritage Site and buffer zone
  • Antonine Wall Scheduled Ancient Monument
  • Listed structures (Walled Garden boundary wall, Kinneil House, Duchess Anne Cottages)
  • Green Belt
  • Wildlife Site
  • Local landscape area

Because of this, we will continue to work with Historic Environment Scotland and Falkirk Council’s Development Management team as we develop the masterplan for Kinneil Walled Garden.

Please tell us if you are responding as an individual or as a representative from a group or organisation.