Falkirk Local Development Plan 2

Closed 5 May 2017

Opened 9 Feb 2017


A lot has changed in the Falkirk area over the last 20 years. New housing, new schools, new greenspaces, changing town centres, and many more visitors than we used to have. Growth has brought benefits, but also challenges. And change hasn't always happened in the places we wanted it to.

But how will the area develop in the next 20 years, and how can you help to influence what happens in the future?

The Falkirk Local Development Plan (LDP) has a big role in deciding how our places will change over the coming years and where new development should, or should not, take place. The first LDP (LDP1) was adopted in 2015. We have now started work on a revised plan, LDP2. This is an opportunity for you to help us shape the future of your place.

What is the Main Issues Report?

This report is the first main stage in the preparation of the Local Development Plan, and is the main focus for public consultation.


  • identifies the key development and land use issues facing the area
  • sets out the preferred options for tackling these issues, including preferred sites for future development along with possible alternatives

We will ask you about our preferred approach to addressing the main issues throughout the course of this survey. It would be a great help to us if you gave us as much information as possible.

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  • All Areas


  • Community councils
  • Development planning and key agencies
  • Housing associations
  • Local Government
  • Neighbourhood partnerships
  • Transport groups
  • Developers/investors
  • Development management and statutory consultees
  • Elected Members
  • Landowners
  • Planning consultants
  • Residents
  • Road users
  • Teaching/Educational staff


  • Economic development
  • Biodiversity
  • Landscape designations
  • Nature
  • Area regeneration
  • Conservation
  • Land and property
  • Local plans and guidelines
  • Public space