Revised Core Paths Plan (Draft)

Closes 6 Jun 2019

Opened 14 Mar 2019


The Core Paths Plan identifies a network of paths that gives people reasonable (non-motorised) access throughout the Falkirk Council area. Although the whole path network should provide for a range of recreational access - walking, cycling, horse riding, canoeing, etc - and for all abilities of use, not every individual path caters for every type of user.

Falkirk Council’s network of core paths has emerged and developed through extensive consultation with local communities, landowners and other key agencies and organisations. This review takes into account the development of the network since 2010.

The path network in the Council area has grown significantly since 2010 and a number of new routes are now considered worthy of Core Path designation. Between 2014 and 2018 over £6M was secured for investment in the path network. The table below shows the growth of the path network since the last Core Paths Plan.

The review has identified 128 potential new Core Paths which meet the eligibility criteria and it is proposed that these are added to the Core Paths Plan. The review has also identified 10 Core Paths which, it is proposed, should be deleted and realigned. Once all proposed additions, deletions and
realignments have been taken into account, the changes proposed in the Revised Core Paths Plan (draft) equate to over 84 km of additional routes across the path network.

This consultation is your opportunity to give us your views about Falkirk Council's Revised Core Paths Plan (draft). 

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This consultation targets only the routes which are being:

1. Proposed as new core paths

2. Proposed as realigned core paths

3. Proposed for removal from the Core Paths Plan

If you have any objections to these suggested changes, these will only be considered if they relate to the above.

Where no change to a core path is propsed, these routes are not part of this consultation.

If you wish to propose a new core path which does not already appear in the Core Paths Plan, you can submit this as a valid objection.

We will consider suggestions for new coer paths by assessing them against the five criteria for a core path and, if we agree that a new core path should be designated then we will re-consult on that proposal alone.

Copies of the draft plan are available in local libraries, One Stop Shops and Council buildings.

Comments can be submitted through this online survey or in writing to 

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