Young Persons Survey – How good is my place?

Closes 30 Jun 2023

Opened 27 Feb 2023


Image of people in a park

Why is the place around me important?

The places where we live, play, hang out and relax are important because they help us live healthy, happy lives and help us take care of the environment.

When we walk, wheel or cycle around, we are taking exercise which is good for our health. It also means that we are not using cars, which helps to keep the air clean and the streets safe. When we have good outdoor spaces and places to hang out, it makes us happy and healthy and helps us to spend time with friends and family.

When there are places like shops, libraries, cafes, schools, gyms and youth clubs close by, we are able to walk or cycle to these places and use them easily.

The places where we live and spend our time can also make us feel close to our friends and neighbours and help us to feel proud of a place and take care of it.

The places where we spend our time are important in lots of ways. Completing this survey will help you to think about what is important to you in the place where you live and use facilities.

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