Space for People

Closed 29 Apr 2022

Opened 11 Mar 2022


Falkirk Council secured funding from the Spaces for People initiative, funded by the Scottish Government and managed by Sustrans. The Spaces for People was a temporary infrastructure programme which offers funding and support to make it safer for people to choose to walk, cycle or wheel for essential trips and exercise during COVID-19.

The funding received by Falkirk Council helped deliver various projects promoting sustainable active travel, health and well-being and daily exercise.

  • The re-allocation of road space by promoting temporary road restrictions to reduce conflict and create a safer environment for walking and cycling.
  • The provision of additional cycle parking spaces at various locations to encourage sustainable active travel to areas of employment and retail
  • Improved links to the canal towpath network in Falkirk

We are seeking your views on the Spaces for People Projects it has delivered. Your views are important as it will allow the Council to determine which, if any, of the projects will be made permanent.

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