2022/23 Falkirk Council Budget

Closed 29 Jan 2022

Opened 12 Jan 2022


Welcome to part 2 of Falkirk Council's community engagement, ahead of setting the budget. Preparation of the 2022/23 budget is well underway. Final decisions on where public funds will be allocated will be made by Council in March 2022. This survey is another opportunity to tell us what you think the Council’s spending priorities should be for the year ahead. The views expressed in this survey will be shared with the Councillors who decide the 2022/23 budget.

What is part 1?

In January 2022 we are hosting a series of ward-based conversations, open to all residents across the Falkirk Council area. At these conversations, we will share how and when decisions are made about Falkirk's public funds and how these funds are allocated in the interest of our communities.

Why your views matter

In this short survey, you'll be asked questions about various Council services, the level of Council Tax and more. You’ll have the chance to share your views on the Council’s response to the pandemic, which continues to impact significantly on Council services and finances. You can also let us know if you’re interested in being more involved with the budget development and priority setting in the future.

The Council currently expects to have to save up to £28m in the next financial year, depending on funding settlements and inflation before the costs of responding to the pandemic are factored in.

Despite the increasing financial pressures, the Council is still expecting to invest around £377m over the next year, delivering a huge range of services. By taking part in this survey, you can help influence how that money is spent.

Thank you for sharing your views.

Our Promise

As an organisation we have made a promise to ask, listen, and act on what you tell us, wherever possible and to improve how we involve you in decision making.

To help keep that promise and make sure your views are central to decisions being made about Falkirk's public funds, we will:

  • Publish what you told us at the ward-based conversations and in this survey on our website by Spring 2022
  • Include a summary of what we learn from the ward-based conversations and this survey in budget reports
  • Share links to where you can access relevant budget reports, watch the online Budget discussion, and find the outcomes of the debate.
  • Let you know how you can be involved in this process in the future

For further information on how the information you provide will be used, please read our privacy notice.


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