Allocations Review

Closed 27 Mar 2020

Opened 17 Feb 2020


We want your views on the following possible changes to the Housing Allocations Policy.

All social landlords must comply with the law, including the Housing (Scotland) Act 2014, when allocating their housing stock (properties) and managing their Registers (housing lists).

This has meant that since the 2014 Act was introduced, we have been working alongside our Tenants & Residents Panel, and other stakeholders, to review our current Housing Allocations Policy. Ideas include: reviewing current letting initiatives, considering matching priority for overcrowding with under occupancy and the way we manage applications from those who find themselves homeless.

As a Council, we want to be as effective as possible in how we meet our communities' housing needs. Our Allocations Policy needs to meet current and future legislation and the values set out by Scottish Government’s Rapid Rehousing Plans . We need to think about our Allocations policy in terms of the next five years but tackling homelessness now.

"Everyone needs a safe, warm place they can call home. Home is more than a physical place to live. It’s where we feel secure, have roots and a sense of belonging. Home supports our physical and emotional health and wellbeing and to be without one seems unthinkable. Yet for too many people this is their reality as they face the blight of homelessness." (Ending Homelessness Together, Scottish Government/COSLA Action Plan, 2018.)

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