Best Value Assurance Report Self Assessment

Closed 30 Apr 2021

Opened 16 Mar 2021


Best Value – help with evidence gathering
Falkirk Council will undergo the audit of Best Value in the coming months.
In preparation for this, and following on from the Chief Officer Best Value briefing on 1 March 2021, an ask was made of participants to:

  • Help complete a self-assessment on how we work as a Council
  • Give examples of good practice of the good work we do as a Council.

This survey
This survey will help us collate information on both these areas.
There are 10 core questions.
For each question, you will be asked to apply an assessment rating of:

  • Does not meet basic requirements
  • Basic Practice
  • Better Practice
  • Advanced Practice
  • I don't know

You will then be asked to provide where possible:

  • Evidence to support the above assessment
  • Details of Improvement Action (if required)

There may be some areas that are not applicable to you, please mark ‘I don’t know’ if that’s the case.

What happens next?
Examples of ‘better practice / advanced practice’ provided will be worked up into case studies to support our Best Value submission – and you may be contacted for further information to make sure the case studies are compelling and focused on demonstrating organisational excellence.


  • All Areas


  • Local Government


  • Performance and statistics
  • Policies, plans and strategies