Common Good Land: Potential Demolition of Falkirk Town Hall

Closes 29 Dec 2022

Opened 3 Nov 2022


On 28 September 2022 the Council considered findings on the viability of operating Falkirk Town Hall as a stand-alone facility and decided that it was not best value or operationally feasible to pursue this option and that closure should be accelerated and early demolition considered subject to an updated consultation.

The cost to separate the shared services enabling the Town Hall to operate as a stand-alone building would be complex, costly and disruptive. The Town Hall has continued to deteriorate, and previous condition reports have confirmed it has reached the end of its remaining useful life, being physically obsolescent and no longer fit for purpose.

The detail of the technical appraisal and associated financial implications can be found in the Council Headquarters and Arts Centre Report.

What is being proposed?

Falkirk Town Hall

It is proposed that, recognising/acknowledging the current poor condition of Falkirk Town Hall and the financial implications of further delays, that the demolition of the Town Hall should be accelerated in line with the closure timetable.

FTH and Municipal Buildings site

What are the benefits of the proposal?

There would be financial benefit to the Council as it would no longer require to pay for business rates or undertake significant essential maintenance to meet Health and Safety regulations.

The proposed demolition would also avoid substantial costs of decoupling the existing buildings. The subsequent sale of the cleared site would result in a large capital receipt with a proportion going to the Common Good Fund, benefitting the local and wider community as part of this receipt would be applied towards providing a new, modern Town Hall.

Why we are consulting

Falkirk Town Hall and the site on which it sits form part of the Common Good of the former Burgh of Falkirk.

An initial consultation was considered by the Council in December 2021, and it was decided that the first phase of the demolition should proceed without delay. It was anticipated at that time that the Town hall and shared facilities would not be demolished until a new facility was constructed. However further technical appraisal has ruled that out.

When considering disposal of common good land (including demolition or sale), certain legal requirements must be followed. These are:

This consultation is being carried out to satisfy the first legal requirement and is a follow up to the consultation carried out in July and August 2021 over the whole Municipal Buildings and Town Hall site.

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