Common Good Land: Potential sale of Kilns House

Closed 14 Apr 2022

Opened 16 Feb 2022


It is proposed that Kilns House and associated ground (coloured pink on the plan) be advertised and sold.

A significant area of land (shown hatched in blue on the plan) would be retained by the Council to the south of the property allowing pedestrian access from the town centre via Municipal Buildings to Dollar Park.

This option would provide an opportunity for a developer to restore the building, potentially creating a small hotel - or another commercial enterprise - or undertake a sympathetic residential conversion.

As well as savings being made on security costs and rates, selling Kilns House would result in funds being added to the Common Good Fund.

About the building

Built in 1852, and lying within the Arnothill and Dollar Park Conservation Area, Kilns House at Kilns Road, Falkirk is a B-listed two-storey sandstone villa.

Formerly a residential property, it was bought by the Council's predecessors in 1954 as an investment for the Falkirk Common Good Fund to be used as offices.

Following decades of use the building has been vacant for several years. In need of significant refurbishment, it is no longer fit for purpose or of use to the Council.

Upgrading and subsequent ongoing maintenance of the property would substantially deplete the Common Good Fund and would not be cost effective.

Map of Kilns House and the surrounding area

Why we are consulting

The building and site form part of the Common Good of the former Burgh of Falkirk.

When considering disposal of common good land (including demolition or sale), certain legal requirements must be followed. These are:

If necessary, court approval will be sought if, following this consultation, it is decided to proceed to sell Kilns House and its grounds as shown coloured pink on the plan.

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