Deposit Guarantee Scheme

Closed 3 Jul 2020

Opened 4 Jun 2020


Deposit Guarantee Schemes are run by organisations such as Councils to help people move into private rented accommodation. They can provide a guarantee to a private landlord for a tenant's deposit. They allow a tenant to pay the deposit to the landlord in smaller, more manageable instalments, over a period of up to one year.

They are for people who can afford to pay their rent but struggle to pay upfront costs such as deposit. This could be due to an unexpected change in circumstance such as loss of employment or relationship breakdown. The scheme aims to encourage people to save towards a deposit. A bond is a commitment, from the Council, to pay the value of the deposit if the tenant decides to move on and has caused damage to the property.

To make sure a new Scheme works for tenants and landlords we are looking for your help to understand what is important to you.

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