Statement of Licensing Policy Consultation

Closed 19 Oct 2018

Opened 7 Sep 2018


The Statement of Licensing Policy provides assistance to the Licensing Board in the implementation of the Act, decision making on, and administration of, the licensing of the sale and supply of alcohol within this area and to outline the way in which the Board intends to carry out its functions under the Act.

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The Licensing Board has a legal duty to publish a licensing policy statement. The current licensing policy statement is in the process of being reviewed and Falkirk Council Licensing Board approved a draft Statement of Policy for the purposes of consultation at it's meeting in September 2018.

Legally, the Board must consult with the Local Licensing Forum, however, the Board is keen to consult as widely as possible as the sale, supply and consumption of alcohol affects many aspects of our community life. The Board will consider very carefully all response received.

The consultation period will run for a period of 6 weeks following which a meeting of the Board will be held to formally adopt the policy.

How to comment

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