Closed 20 Apr 2018

Opened 16 Mar 2018

Feedback updated 16 Sep 2019

We asked

We asked young people if and how they want to get involved in Council decision making. 

You said

  • 82% of young people agree or strongly agree that they would like to be involved in making decisions that affect them and their local area;
  • They have a particular interest in influencing Schools and Education, Jobs, Careers and Training and Mental Health. They are least interested in influencing Bins, Rubbish and Recycling and Community Safety;
  • 53% of young people agree or strongly agree they can influence decisions affecting their local area;
  • 37% of young people agree or strongly agree that their participation in youth engagement activities would have influence over decisions made by the Council;
  • 15% of young people have been involved in Council youth engagement activities;
  • 30% of young people are interested in joining the Council’s Citizen Panel.
  • 28% of young people are interested in joining a youth council;
  • 70% of young people said their preferred method of youth engagement is online surveys. Their least preferred method is youth groups;
  • 29% of young people know how to get involved in Council youth engagement activities;
  • The biggest barriers to involvement are: not knowing how to get involved; not feeling confident enough to get involved; not having enough spare time; and not feeling knowledgeable enough to get involved;
  • Young people would prefer to receive information about changes and developments in the Falkirk Council area through: school and college; email; Facebook; and Twitter.

We did

  • We have opened our “People’s Panel” to young people. The People’s Panel is based on a simple idea. The more people who have their say in the decisions made by the Council, the better those decisions will be. The Panel is made up of local people, of all ages, who have volunteered to complete regular online questionnaires about Council services and the local issues that affect them and their area, for example: schools and education, community safety, and leisure facilities. We use the results of these questionnaires to improve our services and to make sure we are providing the right services, at the right time, in the right location. The Panel is now open to all young people living in the Falkirk Council area. While people of all ages are welcome to join, it is best suited to those aged 11 and up. All you need is your email address and a readiness to have your say. Sign up here
  • We will promote opportunities for you to have your say using the digital channels of communication you told us you prefer:
    • Email;
    • Facebook;
    • Twitter
  • We will publish the results of questionnaires and other engagement activities and events online at https://say.falkirk.gov.uk.

Results updated 4 Jul 2018

The results of the #itbeginswithus survey can be downloaded below:



This survey is now closed. The results will be available by the end of June 2018. 

We want to become better at involving young people, aged 12 -25, in the decisions that affect their local area and the services that they use. By taking part in this survey you will help us understand how we can achieve this. We will use the results to better enable young people to have their views heard and acted upon.


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